Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fashion by Decade - 1920s

No more floundering from me this year! I am going to focus on my passion for vintage fashion and sewing it! So along with taking classes, I want to learn the history of fashion and look at what defined fashion through the decades. The styles, the lengths, the necklines and who influenced it.

The 1920s brought great change in woman's fashion. The end of the war brought an economic boom and woman entering the workforce in record numbers made fashion more accessible and relaxed. Trousers and skirts were now being worn and the development of synthetic silk and rayon for hose allowed a once costly look for much cheaper.
 A much more relaxed style emerged from an every increasing active lifestyle and younger adult woman. Which brings us to the FLAPPER style (a tubular dress, dropped waist with pleats or gathers for movement...the Charleston).  This dress was for function. It flattened the bust line and was worn with a "bob" hair cut and cloche hat. Jersey sweaters and suits were embraced as well for comfort. The feminist movement played an important roll too, corsets and other restricting undergarments were now being replaced with a chemise and bloomers and woman were showing off their legs. 
Coco Chanel was one of the most influential woman and designers of this time. She was one of the first woman to be photographed wearing trousers and her designs were for an ever increasing active lifestyle.  

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