Sunday, December 16, 2012

Merry Christmas Cookies!

It's been a while since I posted, but my most favorite Christmas gift each year has motivated me to come out of blogging hibernation!  

All the cookies and sweets are homemade with love! 
Each year she has out done the year before and THIS YEAR WAS NO EXCEPTION!
(Thank you Alan for giving up your lovely wife for a week while she slaved in the kitchen...I KNOW you missed her : )

Larry looks a little shocked at the size!
YEP, its ALL SWEETS and IT'S ALL MINE....and Larry's 
Popcorn, brownies, tons-o-cookies, elf kisses, chocolate covered pretzels, Christmas Sodas

I know making all these goodies for everybody is quite an undertaking, but we LOVE it...and hope it NEVER STOPS!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Rant…America

Watching the news at night,  I sit and wonder how our country, as mighty and strong as we once were,  ended up here. We have lost sight so quickly of what we are supposed to stand for. I sometimes wonder how thing as outlandish as the Chick-fil-a boycott even comes to exist. I ask myself, why do people not stand up for what is right? Why don't people stand up for what they believe? Then I think about how politically correct I am and how I live my life, in many situations, based on not stepping outside of that box in fear of offending someone.

I, myself, am just as guilty in allowing our country to get here as the people I so quickly blame for our downfall.  Our country was founded on the rights of the people. We have come so far that it seems we are starting to regress.  When did we stop supporting everyones rights and start just supporting minorities rights. If you are not a man- We support your Independence. If you are not Christian- We Support your beliefs. If you are not White- We Support Your Race. If you are not straight- We Support your Sexual Preference.  But what if you are a Man or Christian or White or Straight….or even worse a Straight White Male Christian, then you have no rights and can't speak with out being racist, sexist, homophobic or Hypocritical.  How come minorities are the only ones able to feel proud about who they are? Why should I feel ashamed of being a White Christian?

People fight so hard to get their beliefs and in the bringing "just want to be able to believe, love and live as themselves", but then at some point they forget that. They then become as judgmental as the people they set out to change. What happened to the RIGHT OF RELIGION and SPEECH. Is it that you only believe in your right and once it it heard you leave and stop listening.

It isn't about changing each persons view on things, it about the right to have your own belief system and your fellow American to have the same right,  even if they don't attend the same church on Sunday.

Back to the Chick-fil-A Boycott…Its not about support for gay marriage vs. the family unit, it's about AMERICANS Freedom vs. Government Control. Who's to say the next thing they decide to control something won't be more severe. We have to make a stand for our rights….Black, White, Gay or Straight all as Americans.
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

To LA and back...

So it's been a hot minute since I posted...Been busy working and living and traveling. We went to California for Born Free, we took a two week road trip and saw the country!

We made NEW friends...
Matt and Steph in Austin Texas

Char and Cory in Vegas

Caught up with old friends...
Chris and Fiona in Catalina

No doubt, there were bumps in the road BUT...

This was a trip of a lifetime!

I hate its over!
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beach Vaca!!

Headed to the beach for the first time in years as we speak!!! A much needed vacation for both of us...

Sunday, May 20, 2012


I love watching cloggers! As a youngin' a tried clogging for about 2 seconds, but I don't guess it was my thing...I must have not been coordinated enough. 

Clogging started in the southern Appalachian and Smokey Mountains, they danced to bluegrass music played by fiddles, banjos and guitars. It has also been called  flat-footing, foot-stomping, buck dancing, clog dancing, jigging, or other local terms. Originally cloggers did not have taps on their shoes, the soles were either wood or hardened leather. 

Here is some good ole Southern Clog Dancin

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Mann, the myth, the legend...David Mann

Who is David Mann? The MANN who single handily defined and captured the outlaw chopper lifestyle in paint and is most well known for his prints in each issue of Easyrider Magazine, starting in issue 3 and ending in 2003 due to health. 

The wild lure of the West Coast drew him and buddy Al Burnett so they peeled rubber to Santa Monica, California. While cruising the seaside community he stumbled across Bay Area Muffler and there he discovered completely insane chopped Harleys. Dave was immediately hooked, much like the rest of us.

He returned home to buy his first bike, a 1948 Panhead. At the same time he created his first artistic creation, “Hollywood Run.” 

It represented the wild, unleashed, Hollywood outlaw lifestyle. Riding his Panhead with his first painting tucked under his arm, he entered the 1963 Kansas City Custom Car Show.  That car show launched Dave’s artistic/biker career. He had the only custom-bike entry in the show, so for his creative efforts the judges initiated a new class and trophy specifically for Dave. In addition, a Sioux City, Iowa, club member named Tiny noticed Dave and took him under his wing.  Tiny took a Polaroid of his first painting and sent it to the eccentric Ed "Big Daddy” Roth, the California custom car creator and publisher of the first chopper magazine. Dave painted several posters for Big Daddy Roth.  In 1965, David went to work for Dave Poole, who taught him the precise craft that Dave has incorporated into his fanciful art for the last 30 years. 

In 1971, Dave discovered a new magazine with a twist—Easyriders!  It was the first full-fledged, lifestyle-related bike rag. Since the third issue, Dave has followed—and in some aspects led—the industry by capturing the essence of a changing lifestyle on the center- spreads of Easyriders.  Regarding the future of custom bikes, David said, “I see many builders going the way of the full-fendered bikes, and I love ‘em.  But, like you, I will always be a chopper rider at heart.”  Sadly, in 2004 David passed...but he will eternally be remembered for defining the chopper scene so perfectly.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


This canvas I painted last spring to go in our den, it was a painting I had gotten at rooms-to-go years ago that was in my attic being of course I spray painted it.  I decided to repaint it this weekend to go in our spare bedroom.

I wanted a really basic design on it this time, I am using it as somewhat of a headboard in our spare bedroom. The room has a retro mod feel to it.

1. I spray painted it one neutral color or you can prime it (I did not have primer)

2. Covered canvas in one of two colors I was using 

 3. I used painters tape to tape off stripes (remember area you tape off will remain base color)

Finished Stripes

4. Covered canvas with second color


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