Monday, January 23, 2012

Why I love Alabama?

Alabamians...a thing of beauty...!

·         We're the reason God created Football.

·         World's last outpost of good manners

·         You can put a license tag on anything, drive it down the road, and no one will stop you.

·         Sweet Tea, Barbecue, fried pie, fried okra, cornbread, sweet potato pie, family recipes, homemade ice cream, peach cobbler ‘nanner pudding, butter beans, fried catfish, grillin out, sawmill gravy

·         New York and California are not taken seriously

·         Gulf Beaches

·         Everyone knows how to tell a good story, Best joke tellers in the world, small talk skill level is a maximum and never a shortage on advice

·         Plenty of elbow room

·   Vintage automobiles are given the respect

·         Flea Markets

·         River Rats

·         Handshakes still effective in business dealings

·         364 day riding season
·         Back porches

·         Your Mamma and Daddy and their Mammas and Daddies

·         Moonshine & homebrew

·         The infield at ’dega on race day

·         You can leave Alabama, but you'll always come back family


  1. You kn0ow I agree with every word of this. I traveled around the world and this beautiful country in my 10 years in the Army and I STILL brought my happy butt back to Alabama to live the rest of my life.

  2. Very well said Ashley. Been all over the world like KJ said, my heart was always right here in Bama. From the mountains to the beaches, Alabama is the best place on earth.

  3. Love this, Ashley...and I agree. Sweet Home Alabama!!

  4. Just to add to my last comment. I was born and raised in Indiana and spent a few years in Florida. So, no, I "ain't" from Alabama....but I got here as quick as I could!!!! :)

    1. I am very happy you came to Bama....lord knows I would not have made it in Indiana! LOVE YOU!!