Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How many shades of 1 color can there be???

So the house is ours Wednesday...We can finally get the ball rolling on the work needing to be done. I can't wait to see all the ideas in my head finally come to life....well as long as they look the same!

For the last few weeks (minus the week I had my appendix out OUCH!) I have been deciding on paint, fixtures, lighting, wallpaper, foods, ceiling fans...AHHHH!

So here ya go...
Master Bedroom:
Paint-Old World Gold (Wall behind bed and the one it faces
Wallpaper - Main wall 
Wall to wall Satin curtains covering windows
Two Layers Champagne/Gold Color and Black
Similar to these colors - NOT STYLE
Black - Hourglass Style over          Gold - Wall to Wall
The black curtains will be on rods floor and ceiling and gold will be only from top 

Shades undetermined                                               Fan is all Black a

-Wall Hangings- 
Bronze Art Deco Frame - Wallpaper Wall
******Art Deco Shelves******
Painted wall (not bed wall)
Art Deco Mirror  - Between Art Deco Shelves
Velvet Pinup <3

-Bedroom Furniture-
Wall Mural Behind Bed Similar to below

Excuse the gross pics
That's my ART DECO Bedroom

More rooms to come!

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