Saturday, January 14, 2012

THANK YOU Kustom Jeff

Kustom Jeff is a motorcyclin' friend of Larry's....But he is MY FRIEND TOO! Believe it or not we have more in common than what meets the eye... motorcycles, An affection for WWII bomber planes and military history, a knack for photoshop (well... I know basics thanks to him), pictures of life (check out his blog What I See)...but mostly its nostalgia - a good story - things having a value not in money but deep in history, family, and traditions...

So I was so blown away when he out of nowhere gave me these.

They were owned by the women in his family and passed down to him, and now to me. I am so honored that he thought of me and then GAVE them to me.

So, THANK YOU AGAIN JEFF for the priceless gifts but mostly for being my friend! Ash

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  1. Ashley, you're one of my favorite people in the world! I'd much rather give you something that has been in my family for decades than sell it to anyone else. It's great to know people like you and Larry that have an appreciation for cool old stuff. :-)