Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sewing: The Basics

As you know, I sew.
My Mom gave me a sewing machine a few years back for Christmas & I just jumped right in! I thought how hard could sewing 2 pieces of fabric be? (as I struggled to thread my machine for 2 DAYS) 
I WAS A PRODIGY, my talent was far to great to bother with knowing the right way to do it!!

The next year I asked Larry for a Dress Form. I had decided I was going on Project Runway! (HAHAHA)
 Not long after my decision to win that season of Project Runway I realized how little I knew. Being frustrated or stubborn I stopped (for the most part)...recently I started sewing again, I decided to really pursue it & CORRECTLY this time.  My 1st class is on Sunday with my Mom, sis & her Mother-in-law. It's a BASIC class (no prodigies allowed)....I am so excited! 

With my new interest in sewing "by the rules" I have found tips from experienced seamstresses on the web. 
 Here is my favorite so far...

-Thanks Y'all-


  1. Sounds about like my wife...she got a machine and it sat for a couple years. She finally decided to get serious and had a friend come over and show her the basics. She just started sewing all the time and now she just makes stuff out of nothing. It is kind of crazy how far a little knowledge and some practice will get you...

    1. Well that gives me hope! I want to be able to whip things up!!

  2. I bought a machine to sew patches and so far I still suck at that, but at least they don't fall off.

    1. Very true...them staying on is by far the most important part!

  3. Thanks! Those tips are so helpful. Ready to put them into practice!