Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fashion by Decade - 1930s

The fashion from the 1930s was influenced greatly by the Great Depression. (Wall Street Crash Oct. 24, 1929) Women were unable to change several times a day like in the past, they had less money and learned to remake, reuse & patch their wardrobes. The styling was much more feminine than the 1920s.

Many Styles Changed: 
Waistlines returned to the natural waist
Hemlines returned to mid-calf or floor length
Dresses & blouses had a broader shoulder, which gave the illusion of a smaller waist
Necklines were lower with V-neck & crossover styles embellished with ruffles, lace and scallops. Women also used feed-sack to make dresses and children's clothing
Feedsack Dresses
Women's business suits were tailored and slim at the waist, they were still masculine to help women be taken more seriously. 

Evening dresses for the first time, were being influenced by Hollywood actresses like Jean Harlow & Greta Garbo, more than Paris. Dresses were backless, floor length, silky and biased cut to flatter a women's curves.

The Cloche hat faded and the Pillbox hats, Rimmed hats worn tilted & Turbans were popular.

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