Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thirties Fashion Icon - Greta Garbo

A Swedish actress that became an Icon during Hollywood's Silent & Classic film era. The American Film Institute recognized her as the 5th Greatest Female Star of All Time. She was nominated for 4 Academy Awards and stared in 28 films.

Stiller & Garbo arrive in Hollywood
Discovered by Mauritz Stiller, a famous director, at the age of 17. He named her Garbo and cast her in "The Saga of Gosta Berling'', which became her break out role. She stared 28 films including "Anna karenina"(1935) & "Camille"(1936). 
Known as the "Swedish Phinx" due to her mysterious nature. She rarely attended premieres, signed autographs or gave interviews.

Greta Garbo's style and fashion influenced women of past and present. Her choices in dresses, suits, impeccably-tailored coats with a slightly masculine look and love for mens shoes, glasses and bags have now been described as Avant Garde
Her website describes her as "The first woman to be viewed as both assertive and feminine." 

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