Sunday, December 4, 2011


Today was a GREAT day...Larry and I checked out a new thriftin spot I heard about a while back.  There is no words to describe how unbelievable this place was. We were there 4 hours and only saw half the place...We both were like kids in a candy store! I kept waiting for Larry to say, "Babe are you almost done?" But that never came! IT WAS AN EPIC DAY!
Regardless of what your niche is they had it...and in multiplies! Pyrex in every pattern, Anchor Hocking in every pattern, every vintage appliance, velvet paintings, vintage tupperware, TONS and TONS of Popular mechanics, rare figurines from here to Timbuktu, antique tools, and everything else you can dream are some pics of this fantastic journey!



  1. You can stay lost for a long time in the Gardendale Flea Market ;-) Didn't think I would recognize it huh? I've spent many days in there, it hasn't changed from when I lived out there 15 years ago. Did you go to the Antique mall just down 31 a little farther?

  2. I was lost in the most wonderful place ever...but it was not Gardendale Fleamarket. It's a secret place..

  3. i know where this is i was at it just this Saturday it is huge and there seems to always be good stuff.. PS there is always some good stuff in the glass cases out front.....

    1. I know....those cases are reese-donkulous! Where you been at JOE?