Monday, December 5, 2011

Every Tree Needs a Skirt

My sister recently married her high school sweetheart MR. WRIGHT, (really!!) and this is their 1st christmas as a married couple.  She was so excited when she sent me a picture of their first Christmas tree together. I remember Larry and mine's first tree and how I could not wait for him to come home and see the tiny tree I decorated... it's one of those memories that always brings a smile! 
Of course, like everything any of us Hardin Girls do, the tree was adorable and perfect...
BUT she did not have a tree skirt! 
So...I Smelled A Sister Project!
She has a Alabama Football themed tree (Crimson, White and Houndstooth) and said she wanted Santa.
I choose a soft crimson and white polka dot fleece  and a black fabric with red & white snowflakes.
I loved both fabrics, I could not choose! 
I made it reversible and Santa can velcro to each side!
 I could not wait to give it to her! I get this weird nervous feeling anytime I give anything I have made to someone...I always want to make it the best gift ever and I want them to love it as much as I love doing it. I think she loved it : )

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  1. LOVE the tree skirt....and that it's reversible with a velcro Santa...great idea!