Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Our bedroom was the hardest room for me to redo. You ever had a wall that just nothing went there....the layout of the room was weird, tables did not look right, no plugs or whatever? I had had that in our bedroom. We could not hang anything on it because it runs next to bed and would get bumped into constantly (I may not be the MOST coordinated :)

I had been wanting to do a BIG PATTERN on a canvas and cover a wall and this was my perfect opportunity! 
  • Clean walls thoroughly with degreaser or similar
  • With a yard stick and a chalk line popper (not technical name) measure off your desired size of area and taped off with my favie - painter's tape!
  • **Buy an ink brayer, similar to dough roller and use it to securely adhere tape to wall***
  • Decide main color and pint inside of area - see below...
  • Once paint drys, tape off pattern with painter's tape. This can get tricky! REMEMBER whatever you tape will remain the color you painted first. So generally paint main color second

  • Once tape is in place paint second color. Make sure to not super coal edges but do cover them completely. 

This can really set a room apart, whether it be a bedroom, bathroom or even hallway. Paneling off walls can add dimension to any are and give a pop of color with out adding clutter to a room

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