Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We're startin a Farm!?

With all this land Larry and me are thinking about getting another pet.  

We have 2 dogs & a cat and want something new! We are split on our choice...what do you think!

Larry's Choice! 

I am still on the "fence" about them...because keeping them in a fence is a huge issue 
They eat everything. 
Need Shelter but can't come inside house
My Parents WILL NOT watch the goat when we travel

But Recently I spoke to a goat owner who said they are the most low maintenance 
They only get between 50-70lbs (females)
Cost less than $100
Cut your grass

My Choice!!!

They can smell bad and be dirty
They have hooves which poses several problems, plus steps can be tricky
They can be stubborn
They cost more than goat 
You ave to watch diet

They are intelligent 
They sleep a lot and are Low maintenance 
Not hard to keep pinned up
Can come inside when clean
My parents may watch the pig when we travel

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  1. I said during the move y'all should get pygmy goats. Pig poop is nasty as hell, goat poop is like pellets. Plus goats have square pupils, totally the work of the devil!! I'll look after them when y'all are gone

    1. Square Pupils?? I am going to have to look into that!

  2. Goats are cute...BUT they climb on Everything...Everything! and scratch stuff in the shiny motorcycles. Plus, they eat leather motorcycle seats, plastic...they're not picky eaters. Their poop is small pellet size...not too stinky...but it will be everywhere.

    Potbelly pigs are precious. But, they're called pigs for a reason....Very, very stinky poop and they will ruin a yard cause they "root" in the dirt and can quickly make a nice area into a mud pit.

    However, either choice will be fun to have and a nice addition to the family. I'll come out there and keep whatever pets you get :)

    1. Thank you sure you want to keep a goat??

    2. awwww, yes..they're sweet to pet and will follow you around...baaaa

      What names have you picked out?

    3. Was also reading about the goats...and they need companion might be best to just get a pair of them while you're at it:) :) Where are you going to put their shelter?