Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sidecars for your Sidekicks

I want a sidecar so bad...They look so awesome! You don't see them very much, which means you could be the guy that rocks a killer sidecar for your sidekick! (HINT HINT LARRY)

They were popular in European countries and in many wars (WWII). They allow you to carry more people without having to use a car, now a days they are really just a novelty.
I say bring them BACK!!

70s Chop Sidecar

Johnny Depp on Flathead sidecar

Hells Angel '69

1941 Knucklehead

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  1. You and Larry definately need a side car! I want one, too....looks like so much fun. Chubbs and Jack could ride too, with little goggles on.