Sunday, March 18, 2012

So darn sexy....

What was it that made the classic Pinups so darn sexy? 

It amazes me that after 50+ years classic pinup paintings remain the ultimate in beauty to men and WOMAN across the world. So I ask myself, what is it that makes them stand the test of time?


Purpose-  Pinups were not just a pretty face, they were doing something other than laying in bed waiting on a man. Whether it be shooting a gun, gardening, housework or checking the mail, she had a purpose other than sex. They were not objects, they were sexy being themselves doing day to day things and looking good doing it.


Smiles- Often caught looking clumsy making a mess, she still always seemed happy to see you, regardless of the situation. There was none of the over-sexed animal waiting to pounce look you see today, she was just a happy gal! 

Clothes- Sure, sex sells but who wants to be sold much less while naked... NOT ME! Pinups not only had on killer outfits, but them showing a little skin meant an upper thigh or bathing suit, not a full on frontal shot. EFFORTLESS
Innocent- This to me is what sets classic pinups apart from the woman portrayed today. Pinups were innocent, nothing was contrived or manipulative, it was all innocent and cute. (cheesecake) She was sweet, pretty, and meant no harm to anybody - including other woman. She was no bitch!

Now that is SEXY....Call me crazy....

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