Wednesday, May 16, 2012


This canvas I painted last spring to go in our den, it was a painting I had gotten at rooms-to-go years ago that was in my attic being of course I spray painted it.  I decided to repaint it this weekend to go in our spare bedroom.

I wanted a really basic design on it this time, I am using it as somewhat of a headboard in our spare bedroom. The room has a retro mod feel to it.

1. I spray painted it one neutral color or you can prime it (I did not have primer)

2. Covered canvas in one of two colors I was using 

 3. I used painters tape to tape off stripes (remember area you tape off will remain base color)

Finished Stripes

4. Covered canvas with second color


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  1. Love how you just jump right in on projects like this...turned out great!