Tuesday, November 29, 2011


LOVE Vintage Atomic Eames, but too Pricey?
2 Atomic DIY ideas that will make any room out of this world!

ATOM WALL ART- Items Needed & Directions: 
  1. Pre cut wooden circles
    • 1 Large circle (example 8 1/2in) 
    • Small Circles - Buy in 2's (example green 4 in, dark blue 3 in) 
    • I used the zero for light blue
  2. Wooden Dowels (example 3/8 inches) cut various length
  3. Pre-drill 1/2 inch holes into small circles and into large circle for dowels
  4. Choose colors and SPRAY PAINT AWAY - (For Color Palettes Ideas
  5. Using wood glue assemble Atom Wall Art!!

PLACE MAT LIGHTS- Items Needed and Directions:
  1. 4 Wooden Pre-cut squares (example 6x4) 
    • Nail 2 pieces in "L" shape
    • Drill hole in bottom piece for lamp assembly
  2. Lamp Kit -----
  3. Zip Ties
  4. Tack Nails
  5. Plastic Place Mats (Got mine at Old Time Pottery)
    • Cut in 3 sections - 1 (6in) & 2 (4in)
    • Predrill holes down side to zip tie together ***make sure they match up***
    • Predrill holes along bottom for tack nails along wood
  6. Stack them, use on table or wall...ENJOY!

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