Thursday, February 9, 2012

Garage Co. Customs - The Bikes

Garage Company Customs is Larry's Shop located in Pelham Alabama. I may be bias, but the bikes that come out of this shop are all killer. He amazes me with each bike...I just don't know how he makes the same thing, but does it different each time. Guess some people just got it!

By far, this is Larry's favorite bike...He loved this thing. Started EVERY time, road like a dream...He will always miss this one.  He sold it to a guy in Japan last year. Maybe one day we will make it to Mooneyes and see this thing again. 

 They built this for Artistry and Iron (Vegas Bike Week) in 2 months. I honestly thought they would not make the dead line...but in Larry fashion he somehow finished and of course, with this awesome bike.  

 MY FAVORITE BIKE for obvious rides 2 up! It has that "chopper" look with the long front-end and pull-back bars (chopstix), but has a sportster motor. Best of both worlds!! 
This bike got around...She was featured in several magazines and on chopcult, went to Sturgis, the Smokeout and Daytona Bike Week and all we me on the back.



Tinker Bell

The bike that started it all! Larry, Stewie and me drove to Daytona last minute in a cargo van with 2 bikes and by far that was the best decision we ever made! Our first bike in a magazine! It makes me so happy to think back to that trip....we met so many people, who are now such GREAT friends and have helped us more than they can ever know! How fast these past 5 years have flown by...but what a BLAST

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