Monday, April 9, 2012


Hank Sr. his wife, daughter and Hank Jr.

 Born and RAISED here in good Ole' Alabama, Hank Sr. was born in Mt. Olive Alabama and moved to Georgiana Alabama where he spent most of his childhood.

He started his own band at age 13 called the Drifting Cowboys and played with them throughout his career. Hank struggled with the bottle, but after a hunting accident which required painkillers his addiction quickly spun out of control. He married Aubry Shepherd in Andalusia Al at a Texaco Gas Station by a justice of the peace. (Later was deemed illegal due to complications with her first marriage.)

Hank's untimely death in the back of a car headed to perform seemed like a see but fitting end to a roller coaster career and battle with addiction.  The news was received by the waiting crowd in Knoxville with laughs because they assumed it was just another excuse on his absence. His death was caused by a hemorrhage due to an overdose of morphine, alcohol and painkillers.....

  Keeping with the Wiliams' FAMILY TRADITION of hitting the bottle, music and drugs, Hank Jr. has become synonymous with good ole country boy music about drinking, smoking, sex and guns.....and believe it or not POLITICS. 

Hank has recorded tons of songs and many quickly became southern anthems.  
Including: Rowdy Friends, Tear in my Beer, Dinosaur, Woman I never had, COUNTRY BOY CAN SURVIVE,  Family TraditionWhiskey Bent and Hell Bound,Habits Old and NewRowdyThe Pressure Is OnHigh NotesStrong StuffMan of SteelMajor MovesFive-OMontana Cafe
 A loud mouth, whiskey drinking, music singing son of a..... Hank Jr. is one of THE BEST country singers of all time in my book. His songs are timeless and make me proud of being southern - REDNECK  and ALL! 

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